Who are we?

   A German Language Academy with a purpose.

We are a certified German language school for learners of all ages. Yesdeutsch was birthed in April 2018 with a vision to help learners fulfill their dreams of becoming conversationally fluent in German by transforming language education through the use of working methodologies and relevant teaching aids that provide an amazing learning experience for all interested learners.

Professional Language Consultants

Language barriers impede progress. We offer translation services and crash courses for professionals who would like to expand their reach to German speaking countries. Trust us to help you bridge the gap!!


We don't just teach you the language.

We teach you the culture too for easy integration when you finally travel to a German speaking country.

You get 100% access to a community

As part of our package. You can join a community of German speakers and learners from different parts of the world.
for free! This would help you meet and connect with other learners and experts.

We don't leave you high and dry!

Beyond the lessons, We also help you track your progress through weekly assessment tests. We give you frequent reports and help you do better.

We are 100% accessible!

We pay attention to your study needs. You can ask us questions and be sure we’ll respond rapidly.

Expert Instructors

Total Courses

Happy Students



It does take a little while to acquire a high level of proficiency in German language. We are aware of what this does to the minds of learners and have decided to help them learn German in record time. We launched the VOCABOOST course to help them get more knowledge of words through reading. With us, every learner has a personalized vocabulary bank.



Many linguists have proven that grammar is not the highlight of language learning, communication is. We agree too!! However, grammar is highly essential to pass language proficiency exams. This is why we launched the GRAMMUNCH course to help you ”munch” on all the grammar that you need to ace the exam of your choice.


After giving our students a solid foundational knowledge of German grammar, we teach them all the  high frequency words needed for their levels. With the PHRASE BLAST you can get yourself a bank of pre-mastered phrases that’ll stand you out before your examiners.

Kids can learn German.

Enroll your child/ward for eight highly interactive sessions in our Online classroom. It would be an unforgettable experience. Course fee  #25,000. Registration closes on the 28th of March.



Be a Partner school

Let’s make bilingual minds of the students in your school by teaching them German language.

Become an Instructor

We are building a formidable team of German language teachers who will change the narrative of students who think speaking fluent German is impossible.